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Artist Performing on Stage

Where Science meets Practice 

Welcome to the Applied Performance Sciences Hub! Our vision is to lead and enable transformative change for artistic growth, and healthy and sustainable careers in music. We believe that by equipping musicians with the right skills, tools, and strategies through healthy and stimulating environments, we can help them thrive in a constantly evolving musical landscape. 

We use a musician-centered approach and the latest performance science research to help musicians reach their full potential. Our priority is to directly apply current research findings in action through innovation and collaboration. By addressing the critical and timely issues affecting the industry, our aim is to support optimal performance, wellness, artistic growth, and sustainable careers.

We believe that true transformational change is only possible through collaboration. Our team is composed of a diverse network of educators, performers, researchers, students, and professionals from various disciplines. Together, we want to better understand how to enhance performance, educate the next generation of musicians, and support transformative change in music.

Our newly-designed wellness campaign, “Take the LEAP”, is dedicated to creating a healthy campus culture and promoting positive habits, through our applied initiatives.  Get ready, Get Set, Go, and Rest & recover is a framework that highlights the importance of the different stages of preparation, execution and recovery for optimal learning, performance, and wellness.

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