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Welcome to the LEAP Campaign! 

Our newly-designed “Take the LEAP” wellness campaign is dedicated to creating a healthy campus culture and promoting positive habits, through our applied initiatives. Viewing wellbeing through a holistic lens, we place foremost importance on the well-roundedness of our research and educational resources. We value evidence-based practices and integrating them with hands-on and applicable workshops, seminars, and activities. Join us in our quest to build a happier and healthier tomorrow!

The LEAP Campaign approaches musician wellness holistically, consisting of four key phases. Get Ready is about taking the first step to learn about yourself and the environment around you, your needs, strengths, and areas for improvement. Get Set is about developing a plan and toolbox of strategies and skills that can help students meet their own needs and the demands they are facing at different stages of the learning and artistic cycle. Go is about taking action and transferring the strategies learned into practice. Rest and Recovery is about allowing the body and mind to recover and to be prepared to face challenging times and a new cycle.

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Our Events

Below are descriptions of the variety of events and workshops that will be offered through this campaign. These initiatives are available to the Schulich School of Music students. 

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Wake Up, Warm Up

A thirty-minute morning workshop to get energized and focused! Research shows that a whole-body warm up before practicing can prevent injury and pain, help with concentration and sustain energy levels throughout the day.

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Wake Up, Breathe

A thirty-minute morning workshop with Caroline Holden and Theodora Nestorova where music students are guided through mindfulness and body awareness practices. Techniques learned in this workshop are directly applicable to the preparation and execution of music performance activities.

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Physical & Hearing Health Screening

A physical and hearing screening run jointly by the Applied Performance Sciences Hub and the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education for students to learn about their physical readiness and better understand how to improve their performance health and wellbeing. Registration is now closed. 

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Voice Screening

Learn more about your voice and take initiative on checking in with your vocal health and function through this comprehensive Voice Screening run by Dr. Françoise Chagnon (otorhinolaryngologist/voice specialist) and Ph. D. candidate Theodora Nestorova (vocologist/singing voice specialist). Registration is now closed.

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Learn about Feldenkrais body awareness and discover how it can benefit physical wellbeing as well as musical performance through lessons taught by Mirielle Painchaud. Registration is now closed.

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Skills for Stress Management & Resilience

Jennifer Mosher (Local Wellness Advisor, Schulich School of Music) will be presenting 30-minute workshops on stress management and resilience sessions. Participants in the workshop will learn healthy stress management techniques. Registration is now closed.


Performance Simulator

Individual sessions at the Performance Simulator offered by the Applied Performance Sciences Hub provide students an opportunity to practice performing in front of a simulated audience. Students gain valuable experience by applying stress management and emotional regulation strategies, and assessing and analyzing audio-visual recordings on their own, with their professor, and other mentors. Registration is now closed.

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Fun Fridays - Swing Dancing

Group dance lessons will be offered by the McGill Swing Kids, in collaboration with the Applied Performance Sciences Hub. A fun way to dance the basics of Lindy Hop and develop a strong connection between music and movement. All levels welcome!

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Fun Fridays - Jam Sessions

Jam sessions are group performance opportunities for musicians run by Ravi Domingues in collaboration with the Applied Performance Sciences Hub. A fun way to improvise and perform alongside other musicians.

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