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Our programs and courses at the Schulich School of Music are designed with an inquiry-based and experiential learning approach, integrating principles of sustainability education to equip learners to become change-makers in a complex world. We integrate the latest pedagogical practices and research evidence on performance excellence, and healthy practices in our courses, practical instruction, and professional development initiatives. 

  • Embedded in a culture of high calibre professional music training.

  • Committed to Research Excellence, Performance and Wellness

  • Situated in a thriving, interdisciplinary research environment

  • Engaged with an active global network of experts in performance sciences including medical sciences, sports sciences, psychology, education, engineering, and creative arts.

Our Courses and Programs 


We offer a range of courses on topics in performance science, integrating the latest research in performance science with collaborative and participatory pedagogical practices. Examples include:

  • Intro. to Applied Research in Music

  • Music Performance Strategies

  • Psychology of Music

  • The Musician's Performing Body

  • Understanding and Managing Emotions in Performance 

  • Voice Pedagogy and Health

  • Special Projects

B.Mus. Minor in Applied Performance Sciences 

The Minor in Applied Performance Sciences is an introduction to key topics in performance science and how they are applied to music practice, performance, creation, and education. The program offers opportunities to explore new intersections between music and applied sciences by examining topics related to optimal performance, healthy playing, as well as physical, psychological, and social determinants in music development, learning, and performance,  and applied research approaches.

Starting Fall 2024

Ph.D. in Music, Applied Performance Sciences

The Ph.D. in Music, Applied Performance Sciences encourages original research that aims to expand and/or develop new scientific understanding of human performance in music in its broadest sense, using socially valid and applied methodological approaches, with potential to offer practical contributions to music training and performance in a range of settings.

Application Deadline:

December 1st. 

Learn more about our degree programs and courses offered at the Schulich School of Music of McGill University.

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